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IC Inbox

β™₯ Inbox OPEN β™₯ Voice, text, video ENABLED β™₯

This is Akira, please leave a message.
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It's July. You know what that means?
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... Well.]

There's that, too.

But I'm talking about it almost being my birthday. You know what THAT means?
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No! Though Wonderhell better cough up some if we're talking cake.

It MEANS I'm turning 18 soon and I'm STILL single! I'm almost at graduating age and I haven't even kissed anybody yet. It wasn't supposed to be like this, man.
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[It's a very big deal????

What kind of loser gets to the end of his high school career without so much as going on a date? Even if technically time is stopped. Even if technically he was busy helping save people. He can't greet manhood like this.]

If it were as easy as finding a stray yen at the side of the road, we'd all be doing it.
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[Hey, hi, Ryuji Sakamoto here, bundle of thirsty hang-ups, nice to meet you.]

It ain't like I haven't been trying to get noticed!

You only remember the first half of the year, the last half didn't go much better.

[THE HEAVIEST OF HEAVY SIGHS. If only the closets spat out girlfriends as easily as five thousand different varieties of cake.]
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[ ??? ]

Uh, is that a rhetorical question? The girls are stopping me from dating them.

[Unless he's from an alternate reality where Ryuji is popular and has game...]
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All that means is I have infinite time to be single. Time feels like it's passing just fine in my head.
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[He smiles to see the message. This is why he likes you, Akira. You know just what to say to rally the troops, and calm him down from his midlife crises and hotblooded histrionics.]

Right now? You sure we have time?

[With escaping still on their to-do list and all...]
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All right. Okay! Let's give this new world a whirl! All the girls that haven't heard of the Phantom Thieves yet won't know what hit 'em!

Thanks, dude. You always know what to say to kick my ass back into gear.

[He couldn't celebrate his birthday with better people.]